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Your international studies:
Think global, study
and work local

We live in a globalised world that is growing even closer together. This progress affects all business areas. Our partner companies are of course also involved in the worldwide market and are internationally interwoven. The challenges that this development brings along, can only be handled by qualified specialised management personnel. Language skills and experience abroad have become indispensable soft skills in professional careers.

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Focussing on International Competencies

Would you like to work in a global setting after graduation? Are you interested in foreign languages and other cultures? Then you should study an international degree programme. HdWM offers internationally aligned degree programmes that teach you the necessary skills to aim your career goals:

  • Deepens your language skills
  • Fosters proactive and independent acting
  • Acquaints you with cultural and social differences

An international degree programme promotes a more open mindset and gives you the opportunity to see the world from a wholly different perspective. These experiences will push your personal and professional development and will be invaluable in your future work environment.

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Making studying internationally easy: Study abroad with Erasmus+

Get to know another country, make international contacts and bring your foreign language skills to perfection – a degree programme with a semester abroad offers all of this. In an international degree programme, you will gain important experiences from which you will profit in your future career. Going abroad is not required in the study programmes at HdWM, but all students have the chance complete a semester abroad at one of our partner universities or take part in the Erasmus+ Programme.

International Studies at a HdWM Partner University

Thanks to a constantly growing number of partner universities, HdWM can offer a degree programme with a semester abroad. This network is regularly reviewed for quality aspects so that you can expect HdWM quality even during your exchange semester. Additionally, we have learning agreements with our partners to make sure that the semester abroad does not extend your time at the university unnecessarily. Thanks to close communication, we make sure that the course content at HdWM is aligned with the course content at the foreign university.

Study in Europe with the Erasmus+ Programme

If your dream destination lies within the bounds of the European educational landscape, your previous studies will generally be approved without any difficulty thanks to the bachelor's and master’s system. Moreover, you have the opportunity to complete a degree programme with a semester abroad at one of our partner universities or in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, one of the best-known and most popular exchange programmes for international studies within the EU. The Erasmus+ Scholarship Programme is an initiative of the European Union for the support of education, youth and sports into which the previous EU-Programmes for life-long learning, youth and sports as well as European cooperation programmes at university level were subsumed. The Erasmus+ Programme subsidises exchange students in European institutions of higher education. It is based on the principle of reciprocity: If one foreign university sends five students to HdWM, five students can likewise complete a semester abroad at the foreign university.

More info about the Erasmus+ Programme
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You decide about the internationalisation of your studies

At HdWM, you have a wide variety of options for making your degree programme international. You alone decide about the internationalisation of your studies:

  • For example, you can complete an entire degree programme in English on bachelor’s or master’s level, such as the BA Management in International Business and the MA Business Management in English..
  • Along with English as the teaching language, you can select an additional foreign language. Thanks to a cooperation with the Studium Generale of the Mannheim University, you can select even more voluntary language courses.
  • To increase your international work experience, you can complete an internship abroad, e.g. with one of our international partner companies.
  • Moreover, you have the chance to spend a semester abroad at one of our partner universities or in the context of the Erasmus+ Programmes.
  • When studying at HdWM, you will find an international campus with students from various countries and cultures.
  • For further intercultural experience, you can use your semester breaks for voluntary trips abroad.
  • To even increase your international experience, we offer short international excusions. Each semester, we give our students the opportunity to participate in an internatinal project or student competition abroad.
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International students: Welcome to HdWM

Right in the heart of Mannheim, we offer students from all over of the world a variety of opportunities to become more acquainted with the German culture as well as the German language during your study courses. Besides the English track degree programmes MA Business Management in English and BA Management in International Business, you have the option to enrol in one of our German degree programmes. In cooperation with our partners, you can take German classes to bring your skills up to the required level. A degree programme with small groups in a familial atmosphere with a high practical orientation is waiting for you.

International studies at HdWM and the advantages

  • Improving your foreign language skills during your degree programme
  • Developing of intercultural competences and your personal skills
  • Gathering experience abroad in entrepreneurial practice
  • Study at a campus with international flair
  • Selection of and/or participation in international study programmes according to your individual needs and wishes
  • International studies with a strong practical orientation and an extensive company network

Your contact person International Office Cristina Durán, M.A.
Cristina Durán, M.A. International Office +49 (0)621 490 890-81 international-office@hdwm.org
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