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Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management the subsidued Management Programme

Integration projects at HdWM

Integration is a complex process in which many aspects have to be kept in mind. One of the most important issues is whether refugees can be integrated into the working world in reasonable time. Education is curcial for a successful integration into the workforce: The higher the education, the more likely it is for refugees to access the business world in a new country.

Lived integration of university-qualified refugees

HdWM also contributes to refugee integration: Since summer semester 2016, young people who had to flee their home countries due to war or persecution, can start a management degree programme at HdWM. This is possible thanks to the great generosity of businesses, public authorities, foundations, private donors and fellow students, who provide active support in the integration, their funding and successful completion of the refugees' degree programmes.

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The Welcome Programme for Refugees

To help refugees gaining a degree, HdWM is subsidised by the DAAD project “Welcome “, which is financed by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. The programme “Welcome – Students Helping Refugees” helps refugees gaining the necessary university readiness for their studies in Germany within a short time. It furthermore aims at integrating them into the local society or the institution itself. Three student assistants were assigned to implement and coordinate this initiative in the summer semester 2016.

You can find more information about the Welcome-Programme here.

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Apply for a subsidised management degree programme in Germany

To find our more about the HdWM study programmes, there are several information events for refugees per year. Refugees and their advisors are welcome to talk to lecturers, university staff or other refugees, who are already pursuing degrees at HdWM.

Anyone who would like to start a degree programme at HdWM, can register for one of the bachelor’s application days or apply for the master’s programmes. To gain admission at HdWM, you have to pass a personal interview with the chair of the respective programme.

Please send your application with the following documents to our welcome-team (welcome@hdwm.org):

  • School reports
  • CV
  • Current residency permit
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Funding opportunities for refugees

Funding opportunities from the German federal government and states

The German federal government and states have already provided a multitude of funding opportunities, i.a. the BAföG-opportunity for refugees in the degree programme and scholarship programmes. HdWM cooperates with the responsible state organisations, such as the Federal Agency for Immigration and Refugees, Federal Labour Office, Jobcenter and municipalities, to develop and make use of these funding opportunities.

German courses for a successful degree programme

Most of our degree programmes are held in German. On request, a preparatory German course at the neighbouring Goethe-Institute can be arranged. During the whole degree programme, German courses are a fixed part of the curriculum.

HdWM uses its corporate network

Some of the more than 50 partner companies of HdWM have already become sponsors for refugees. They help with the tuition fees or daily costs of living, and can also offer work-study opportunities in their own companies. Additionally, scholarships are awarded every semester – subsidised by businesses and foundations. The support from private donors and foundations is an important pillar of our integration work. The Marie-Luise and Normann Stassen Foundation helped setting up a social fund and even provided a shared flat for refugees in Mannheim-Feudenheim.

HdWM thanks all donors, sponsors and scholarship contributors for their energetic support.

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Become a sponsor and donor to the Welcome-Projects

You can support talented young people by becoming a sponsor of the unique project at HdWM. Help us to give refugees bright prospects for the future.

Whether you represent a business or are acting as a private person – you can get involved in helping refugees with their university education. Please contact Dr. Mareike Martini (mareike.martini@hdwm.org, Tel. +49 (0)160 4531764). We are looking forward to your contribution.

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Social commitment according to the values of the Internationaler Bund (IB)

The Internationale Bund (IB) is our role model for social commitment and provides a binding framework for orientation and action for all employees. It gives partners a clear view of the goals and intentions of the IB and is part of our quality management.

The IB is an independent institution for youth, social and educational work. Its objective is to help people to prosper in freedom, to take charge of their own lives, to integrate into society, to take personal responsibility and to help shape social development. The IB wants to offer its services and competencies on an international scale. Therefore, it is also active in European social- and educational politics.

The IB has a strong commitment to the inalienable dignity of the individual and advocates for democratic values and practices as well as for the acceptance of others. It fights against racism, violence and discrimination. For this reason, the employees of the IB also strive to create positive living conditions for the people entrusted to them.

The range of services and programmes offered by the IB extends both to private persons as well as to institutions. The Internationale Bund (IB) offers social services that can be combined with each other and so generate a new quality of services and programmes. Its professionalism derives from constantly updating its knowledge, updating and refinancing its quality standards and from comprehensive quality management. The IB is characterised by an openness for innovative forms of cooperation.

The work of the IB is based on technical, personnel-related and organisational concepts. The basis for our interactions with each is esteem and mutual respect. As a learning organisation, the IB develops functions and process-based communication. The success of the IB is determined by its content and economic output and can be measured by customer satisfaction.

The IB makes it its mission to maintain this guiding model and refine it further.

Your contact person International Office Cristina Durán, M.A.
Cristina Durán, M.A. International Office +49 (0)621 490 890-81 international-office@hdwm.org
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