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Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management the subsidued Management Programme

Management studies at HdWM:
Combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience

Our aim is to supply the future managers that the business world needs. We want to take motivated students and make them into successful managers. By combining theory and practice, we equip them with an understanding of business, management competences, and a sustainable work ethic.

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What is the idea behind the management studies at HdWM?

In our management studies courses, we want to find an ideal balance between theory and practice, to prepare you as a student for the world of work, while giving you all the necessary theorectical expertise. Local businesses, who are important partners to HdWM, are involved in designing and teaching on the management studies and giving you opportunities for real work experience.

Lectures at HdWM use case studies to give you insights into how management theories are applicable in the real world. In addition, you can profit from the hands-on management experience that our professors and managers from partner companies have.

In all study programmes, you get a chance to see how management theories work under reallife condictions, by working a whole semester in a partner company or any business around the globe. Especially in the higher semesters, there is lots of time for our students to gain experience and earn money as working students. The bachelor’s dissertation can also be written in a company and ensures a successful start of your career.

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What makes the HdWM tuition fees affordable?

The tuition fees at the University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM) are affordable for a private university because of the support of the partner companies. Thanks to them, the monthly fees are only 590 Euros (245 Euros for the degree in Social Work – Integration Management).

According to the Science Council, the secret of our success is the „Mixed form between a classical specialised university and a dual university.” Effectively, this means that our partners pay a part of your tuition fees every month. As a return on their investment, the companies have access to a new generation of qualified managers who have been educated specifically to meet their needs.

This financial support does not have to be repaid and you do not have to commit yourself to any of the companies after your management studies.

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What are the tuition and fees at HdWM?

Thanks to the support of our partner companies, we can keep the tuition fees affordable.

Degree programmes with a monthly fee of 590 Euros:

Degree programme with a monthly fee of 245 Euro:

Thanks to the special support of our main shareholder, the Internationaler Bund (IB), and the federal state of Baden Wurttemberg, we are able to offer the focused degree programme BA Social Work – Integration Management to our students at especially favourable conditions.

Career Services supports students individually

From the 1st semester on, the Career Service Team supports our students – if they wish them to. The Career Service establishes contact between students and businesses and so facilitates the entry into practice. Along with active career consulting and optimisation of application documents, our students can expect events, case studies and consulting projects. By this, our students can gain valuable practical experiences and valuable contacts at the same time.

Your Advantages of your management studies at HdWM

  • FIBAA certified management degree programmes for Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • All advantages of a private university such as small groups, networks, excellent contatct to professors, etc.
  • Affordable tuition fees thanks to the subsidies from partner companies
  • Opportunities to move on to our master’s degree programme, after gaining your bachelor’s degree

Do you want to learn more about the practically oriented management studies at HdWM?

Your contact person Bachelor’s Programmes Carla Ziehmann
Carla Ziehmann Bachelor’s Programmes +49 (0)621 490 890-96 carla.ziehmann@hdwm.org
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