The Master’s in International Management in Mannheim:

The Key to your International Management Career

You are interested in studying international business management, but you have a question?

The HdWM master’s in international management:

DegreeMaster of Arts
Duration3-4 semesters (depending on your previous studies)
Start of programmeWinter and summer semester
AccreditationAccreditation Council and FIBAA accredited
Lecturing DaysThursdays and Fridays
SpecialisationsIT Management, HR Management, International Sales Management
Languages of instructionStudy programme is offered in 100% English or German. HdWM offers German classes for international students.
Formal entrance requirementsBachelor’s degree with at least 180 ECTS, ideally 210 ECTS (missing credits can be acquired in a pre-semester)
German "Fachhochschulreife" or its equivalent
English skills on at least B2 level
Tuition fees690 Euros per month

The Benefits of the Master’s in International Management

  • Learn about management in an international context
  • Perfect preparation for an international career
  • Accredited study programme entirely in English
  • 3 specialisations to prepare you for your career aims
  • Only 2 days of lectures per week
  • Lecturers with extensive international business experience
  • Fellow students from all over the world
  • Options to study and do internships abroad
  • Extensive network of partner universities and institutes
  • Option to enrol in a pre-semester to catch up with missing credits

Ryan Matthew Falls

(Graduate MA Business Management)

“The Master’s in Business Management at HdWM has given me the chance to make my career dreams, as well as personal endeavors, become a reality. The student-oriented professors, hands-on teaching methods, and the multicultural student atmosphere epitomize the vision of HdWM. All of these have helped me to develop myself into a more global and future-centered thinker. That is exactly why I traveled halfway across the globe from America to be a part of this vision.”

If you are heading for an international career, the Master Business Management in English is ideal to study a master's in international management. With the special focus on international management, it enables you to build on the knowledge gained during your undergraduate studies and complements it with management tools and theories for an international setting. Combined with a high practical orientation, you will be able to manage international businesses of all sizes and business areas.

To align your master’s in international management with your strengths and interests, you can choose between three different majors in your final semester:

  • IT Management
  • People & Culture
  • International Sales Management

The HdWM Master’s degree in Business Management is also offered in German.

What are the admission requirements?

Before joining the master programme in international management, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree. If your bachelor’s degree gained you the equivalent of 210 ECTS of which at least 30 were business studies related, then you can directly join the master’s in international management and finish your studies in only 3 semesters.

With 180 ECTS or if you lack the 30 ECTS in business, you can first enrol in a pre-semester to gain the necessary 30 ECTS. If your 180 ECTS include the 30 ECTS in business, then the missing 30 ECTS can be obtained through a semester abroad in your third semester. The whole master’s programme, with either the pre-semester or the semester abroad, will then take 4 semesters. Applicants who already have 210 ECTS including 30 ECTS in business can spend a semester abroad voluntarily.

For this English track master’s in international management programme, non-native speakers of English need to certify language skills on at least B2 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This can be certified by a German Abitur or any common language test, such as e.g. TOEFL or IELTS. Additional German skills are highly recommended for international students.

What should I expect in the degree programme?

This degree course is held entirely in English to prepare you for an international work setting. By enrolling in this master's in international management programme, you will build your management skills. You learn to perceive a company systemically in interaction with its environment. Management is split-up into operative, strategic, and normative aspects. This concept will always be applied in an international context, teaching you how to tackle international teams, markets, or customers.

During an eight-week internship, you will apply the new approaches directly into practice. Depending on the professional aims that you have, you can participate in a research project on leadership-related topics instead of the internship.
The HdWM master’s in international management offer three specialisations in the third semester: IT Management, People & Culture an International Sales Management. They will give your studies a specific focus that will support you in pursuing your international career.

For more information about the study programme, please take a look at the module handbook and the general examination regulations (for download).

How can I gain practical experience during my studies?

All HdWM study programmes are designed to enable graduates settling smoothly in the working world. Therefore, there are fixed practical elements in the curriculum, such as the 8-week internship, to allow you gaining practical experience during your studies. A network of about 60 partner companies* and the support of the HdWM Career Service will get you ready for your dream career.
All lecturers have extensive business experience that they readily share with their students. Company visits, guest lectures by company representatives, and real-life business cases enrich the lectures and give valuable insight into business life.
Furthermore, you can top off your working experience during your studies. The lectures of the master’s in international business management only take place on 2 days per week, which gives you ample opportunities to work as a working student during the semester and in the semester breaks.

* Please note that companies in Germany expect high proficiency in German from their applicants (B2 level or higher).

How is the degree programme structured?

In 3-4 semesters, you learn about necessary management tools and theories that will enable you to manage every organisation in any field of business or country in the world. The specialisations set the course for reaching your professional goals.

What prospects do I have after graduation?

The master’s in international business management opens broad management career options all over the world. Classically, you can start a career in managing a business. This can be an internationally operating company in your home country, but thanks to the focus on international management, you can also start a successful career in other countries. In addition to the solid knowledge in business management, you will have acquired knowledge in one of the three specialisations. This gives graduates in this master’s in international management exceptionally good job prospects.

HR Management – A way with people

Due to demographic change and the ever-increasing demands on those recruiting and retaining staff, the position of the Human Resources Manager is becoming more and more important. Diverse career prospects are emerging, ranging from the classical personnel manager to the knowledge expert or HR consultant.

IT Management – Creating structures, thinking in solutions

IT Management is taking on an important role in organisations. The modern IT Manager structures processes in organisations, or develops IT solutions for customers and thinks laterally, beyond mere programming. Due to the ever-increasing digitalisation, the specialisation in IT Management offers extremely promising career prospects.

International Sales Management – A career as sales professional

In the international sales area, the career options are extremely good – from Key Account Manager to Sales Executive. Well-qualified sales personnel are always in great demand. Economic growth creates new positions, and managerial responsibility can emerge very suddenly.

What are the costs of the Master’s in International Business Management?

Tuition fees

As a private university, HdWM is funded mainly by tuition fees and the contributions of the partner companies. HdWM is a nonprofit organisation, therefore all revenues are used for the development of our university and the constant enhancement of the teaching quality as well as the student services.
The tuition fees for the master’s in International Business Management are 690 Euros per month. Non-EU students will be required to set up a German bank account and hand in a signed SEPA direct debit mandate for the monthly payment of the tuition fees. You will receive all necessary documents with your study contract.

Other fees

There is a one-time enrolment fee of 690 Euros that you pay if you are accepted and choose to join the programme. You also have to pay a so-called Solidarity Contribution of 22.80 Euros per semester.

For further information about our fees, please read our scale of fees.

Living expenses

Living expenses vary from person to person, according to your lifestyle and whether you wish to rent your own flat or share a flat with other students. Health Insurance is compulsory and for students is available from between 30 to 75 Euros per month.

Most students buy a semester ticket from the local public transport company. This costs about 170 Euros per semester, but you then have free travel on all buses, trams and local trains in the region. For books you should reckon with 300 to 400 Euros per semester.


There are several ways how to fund your studies at HdWM. Germans can apply for BAföG and the KfW student loan. Under certain circumstances, these options are also available to non-Germans (please check their websites for further details). HdWM also offers several merit-based scholarship programmes, for which all nationalities can apply.

We’ve summarised the most important financing options for you.

How can I apply?

The HdWM Application Process – We Want to Get to Know You

Studying Master in International Business Management requires more from an applicant than just the necessary school leaving certificates or university diplomas. It takes special characteristics, such as motivation and personality, to be successful in the field. These and other qualifications are assessed in our application process. Rather than just checking your grades, we want to assess your motivation for choosing the respective degree course. We want to find out how it can support you on your path to your career. The central element is a personal application interview with a professor of the respective degree course. The interview gives us insight, whether the selected study programme matches your personal skills and interests.

Find out more about our Application Process or apply directly via our Online Application Form.

Julia Brasch

(Graduate MA Business Management)

„The small class sizes and the individual advisory at HdWM gave me the opportunity to not only gain further academic knowledge, but also to benefit from hands-on business insights. My internship and the student job at the HdWM Career Service helped me to build up a professional network.“

Prof. Hans Rüdiger Kaufmann, PhD

(Chair of the Master’s in Business Management)

“Students enjoy a multi-cultural study experience enriched by international extra-curricular study travels. A succinctly planned and highly practice relevant curriculum enables the students to systematically prepare for their future career by focusing on their preferred concentration.”