Financing and Scholarships

Can I Get Financial Support when Studying at HdWM?


Possibilities to Fund Your Studies and Scholarships

There are several ways how to fund your studies as a student at HdWM. We offer several merit-based scholarships as well as scholarships for social contribution which are open for all HdWM students. The HdWM study model makes it possible to work while studying – and in fact, this is also highly recommended and encouraged! Furthermore, German citizens can also obtain BAföG or a KfW student loan. Under some circumstances, international students can also apply for these financing options.

How Can I Fund My Studies?

Financial benefits thanks to the partner companies

The partner companies contribute greatly to keeping the tuition fees affordable. To get access to a pool of well-trained managers of tomorrow, the partner companies pay a financial contribution, which is apportioned among all students. The support of the partner companies allows reduced tuition fees for all HdWM students.

HdWM is a non-profit organisation. All revenue is used for the further development of our university as well as for a continuous improvement of both teaching quality and student support.

Working during your studies: no problem at HdWM!

Our highest aim is to prepare you for the working world. That is why we built practical elements into our curriculum. Apart from valuable work experience, it is also a good way to fund your studies. For example, every study programme offers an internship. As a mandatory internship, it does not have to be paid, but most companies offer their interns payment anyway. Students can also use the semester breaks to work, earn money and gain work experience. As a working student, you receive payment that helps financing your studies. And also during the semester, there are 1 to 3 free days per week to combine studies and work – from the 1st semester on.

Please note that German companies expect high proficiency in German from applicants (B2 level or higher). Without these German skills, it can cause difficulties in finding a job. HdWM offers German classes on all levels to international students.

Public support through BAföG

BAföG stands for Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz – the national educational support act. It offers financial support to young people in educational settings who cannot fund their education on their own. It is manly for German citizens, but under certain circumstances (e.g. relatives of a German citizen, graduates from a German school), foreigners can also use this line of funding.

KfW Student Loan

The KfW Student Loan helps funding students of all subjects and study models. It is mainly for German citizens, but under certain circumstances (e.g. relatives of German citizens, graduates from a German school), foreigners can also apply for it.

Merit-based scholarships or scholarships for social commitment

At HdWM, students from all study courses can be awarded with scholarships in two different programmes. Awardees obtain 300 Euros per month for one to two semesters.

The Deutschlandstipendium is a merit-based scholarship programme, which is also awarded to students who show high social commitment or who live in difficult circumstances. The call for applications takes place at the beginning of every semester. All students will be informed about the application deadlines in time via email.

The Social Leadership Scholarship is directed at students with exceptional social commitment. Potential awardees are nominated by HdWM employees and selected by a committee.

Discounts on tuition fees

Siblings of already enrolled students get a 10% discount on their tuition fees. Graduates of a HdWM bachelor’s programme profit from a graduate discount of 10% for their master’s studies at HdWM. Employees or employees’ children of partner companies receive a partner discount of 10%. The partner discount is also applicable for employees, the children of employees, and graduates from institution of the Internationaler Bund.

Please note that only one discount can be granted.