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Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management the subsidued Management Programme

The University of Applied Management Studies

As a state-approved private business university, HdWM offers a wide variety of degree programmes and services for continuing education in the areas of economics and management. The main shareholder of HdWM, the International Bund (IB), has been making a valuable contribution to the education market for years. The holding company as a non-profit organisation is thus solid as a business, well-established and secure.

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Mission Statement

The University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM) is a private business university with strong focus on social responsibility. Our teaching is based on an innovative education model with close ties to business.


Our vision is that our innovative study model will allow us to grow into one of the leading private business universities in Germany in both of our business areas: study programmes and further education.

It secures this position through high teaching quality, an international alignment and the tight cooperation with businesses in the orientation to the demands of the global markets. Their research projects are focused on management topics close to business as well as further education. It is solidly financed and earns the necessary funds for constant improvement and innovation.


HdWM study programmes supply businesses with urgently needed specialists and managers. At HdWM, especially “hidden talents” are particularly promoted. These are students who need support in accessing degree programmes and careers due to social and cultural hindrances. It educates students and leads them to comprehensive and multi-disciplinary education, combined with personality development as well as developing necessary professional skills.


As a business university, HdWM develops degree programmes with connections to business administration, management, social work, and IT in cooperation with businesses.

These management study programmes are based on a unique and innovative study model. According to the the assessment of the German Council of Sciences and Humanities, it combines the academic advantages of theory-based degree programmes with a high degree of practical orientation.

Thanks to the co-financing of our degree programmes by the partner companies, it is possible to offer affordable tuition fees to our students. This allows students from all classes to partake in our degree programmes.

HdWM fosters cultural diversity, which is demonstrated through international networking with other partner universities, the use of the synergies with our shareholders Internationaler Bund and the German-Turkish Institute for Work and Education, as well as by the university staff and students from all over the world.

Our Values

We respect people from different countries and cultures, social classes, worldviews and sexual orientations.

We consider the diversity that arises from these differences to be a valuable resource for the development of our University of Applied Management Studies. Women and men are equal.

We encourage and support social involvement. Social peace is highly valued and is the basis of the prosperity of our society. We can preserve it if we are all actively engaged in our society. We insist on personal responsibility. As a business university HdWM can offer people opportunities to develop and be successful. Using these opportunities well and working towards one’s own success is the responsibility of each person.

We accept the performance requirements given by the companies. In a competitive global market, they need motivated and highly capable specialists and managers who have been educated at universities. We accept the challenge of competition as a private business university. We are proud of our university, its people and its uniqueness.


The workload of our degree programmes at HdWM is distributed reasonably across six semesters in the bachelor’s degree courses, and three to four semesters in the master’s. The 4th semester of the bachelor’s studies, is a practical semester, which can be completed at one of the university’s partner companies. Master’s students have an eight-week internship in the 2nd semester.

The degree programme combines the strength of a practical education with the high-quality course content of a full-time degree programme at a private business university as well as participation in innovative future-oriented.

Students are not bound to a specific company and its business field for their studies. Instead, they are primarily involved with their degree programme at HdWM. What makes our programmes unique, is that we involve our partner companies actively in lectures, research and supporting the students with their expertise as well as financially. We understand it as our social responsibility to give young people with potential an equal opportunity to select their degree programme.

The courses of study and further education courses have close links to business and thus prepare students for the labour market of the future. The university’s managing board supervises the systematic university sales activities to attract partner companies and is primarily responsible for the course content.


The shareholders of HdWM consist of several parties. These include the German-Turkish Institute for Work and Education (DTI), the Kiry Corporate Group, which works in the education sector, and WBS Training AG. The main shareholder of our business university is the Internationale Bund (IB).

The IB, with its nearly 14,000 employees, is one of the major service providers in youth, social and educational work in Germany. It supports children, youth, adults and senior citizens regardless of their origin, religion or worldview in living a self-reliant and independent life.

In collaboration with the Internationale Bund, for example, our business university created the bachelor’s degree programme in Social Work – Integration Management.

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Thanks to the expertise of our teaching staff, our business university provides an academic education at a top-notch quality. In addition to their academic experiences as PhDs and professors, they have many years of practical experience along with innovative knowledge of didactic methods.

Our degree programmes have been certified by the FIBAA and AHPGS, leading agencies in Germany for the accreditation of study programmes. Together with its accreditation and our membership in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), our university’s credentials are impressively attested.

Mitglied EFQM
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HdWM is a private business university state-approved by the Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts in Baden-Württemberg. Universities always need to be accredited by the ministry of science of the respective federal state in which the university has its headquarters.

Accreditation by the German Council of Science and Humanities

Akkreditiert durch den Wissenschaftsrat

The German Council of Science and Humanities is a science policy committee consisting of scientists, public personages as well as administrative representatives of the federal government and the states. It provides the states and federal government with advice and counsel in questions concerning research and the higher education system and makes recommendations concerning the structure and performance of universities and research institutions.

The University of Applied Management Studies was accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities for the first time in 2011 and received the re-accrediting for another five years in 2015.

FIBAA Seal of Quality for Study Programmes

Akkreditiert durch FIBAA

All degree programmes at the University of Applied Management Studies hold the FIBAA Seal of Quality for study programmes. They therefore fulfil the strict quality requirements of the FIBAA, which places a special focus on internationality, professional qualifications and close relationships with business.

Accreditation by AHPGS

Akkreditiert durch AHPGS

Our BA Social Work – Integration Management is accredited by the AHPGS. This accrediting agency is specialised in accrediting degree programmes in the field of health and social work.

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University-Rankings and Assessments

CHE – Centre for University Development

The CHE is a philanthropic organisation that works for an efficient and fair university system. It helps the university to handle the growing number of students and increasing diversity successfully. The CHE develops application-oriented solutions for the education and research system. It supports the university in using and shaping their autonomy, developing diverse profiles and implementing them as well as fulfilling its own social responsibility.

The CHE University-Ranking 2017/2018 has issued the University of Applied Management Studies a good mark, an overall 2.3 on the German scale, one which HdWM would like to improve even more in the next surveys. In the category “Appropriateness of the Duration of Study”, the University of Applied Management Studies is in the leading group nation-wide – quite an achievement for such a young business university. The actual duration of study at HdWM is comparably short since nine out of ten HdWM students completes the bachelor’s degree in the prescribed time. The extensive student support by the HdWM team is certainly one of the reasons for this. This also keeps the number of drop-outs remarkably low.


StudyCheck is an independent assessment portal for higher education. People can get detailed information about degree programmes and universities at StudyCheck and profit from the experiences of actual students and graduates. Graduates or current students can rank their degree programmes based on different criteria on the portal.

Your contact person President Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD
Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD President +49 (0)621 490 890-64 perizat.daglioglu@hdwm.org
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