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Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management the subsidued Management Programme

Student Services at HdWM

We at the University of Applied Management Studies understand our institution as a service-institution. Apart from our teaching activities, the service centre of our university offers various services to ensure optimal conditions for studying and to give our students the best possible support for completing their degree programmes successfully.

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Student Advisory Service

Potential students and their parents can consult the student advisory service to find the right study programme. We help evaluating interests and strengths to make the right choice among the HdWM degree programmes on bachelor’s and master’s levels.

Let us discuss your future in a personal, non-binding advising session via phone or Skype or send us an email – we are looking forward to meeting you!

Your contact person:

Ansprechpartner Christina Relford
Christina Relford German Applicants +49 (0)621 490 890-53 christina.relford@hdwm.org
Ansprechpartnerin Carla Ziehmann
Carla Ziehmann International Applicants +49 (0)621 490 890-96 carla.ziehmann@hdwm.org

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Career Service

From the first day on, we will assist and guide you in your career planning. The Career Service is a central element of our study model and acts as a link between students and partner companies.

The Career Service’s task is to compare the demands of the partner companies with the desires of the students, which leads ideally to a match. This starts with the first advisory session. Here, we already check whether the candidate fits into our university, based on his or her personality, drawing first conclusions into which partner company the candidate could fit.

Throughout the entire degree programme, the members of the Career Service team will guide students and make sure that partner companies and students get to know each other at various events such as job fairs, guest lectures, career seminars, etc.

Your contact person

Ansprechpartnerin Mareike Martini
Mareike Martini, PhD Career Service +49 (0)621 490 890-95 mareike.martini@hdwm.org
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HdWM Guidance Counselors

Students at HdWM have several places to go to seek help with problems and conflicts. They can ask for a private talk with the chair of their programme, the Career inclusive representatives or the Career Service. Furthermore, there are two guidance counselors who are contact persons for confidential and open conversations. They give advise and support students with difficulties in the study organisation or with conflicts with teaching staff or between students.

Your contact person

Ansprechpartner Prof. Dr. Annette Bornhäuser
Prof. Annette Bornhäuser, PhD Guidance Counselor +49 (0)621 490 890-15 annette.bornhaeuser@hdwm.org
Ansprechpartnerin Carla Ziehmann
Prof. Thomas Hermann, PhD Guidance Counselor +49 (0)621 490 890-16 thomas.hermann@hdwm.org

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Equal Opportunity Commissioners

As stated in the HdWM mission statement, everyone is equal. This applies to men and women, to people of all religious beliefs, sexual orientations, but also to all origins and ages, as well as to people with disabilities.

To secure this equality, HdWM has appointed two equal opportunity commissioners. Among others, their task is to support the equal distribution of men in women in all departments. Another important concern is to achieve work-family balance for students and employees. Therefore, HdWM is member of the “Arbeitskreis familienfreundliche Hochschule”, the workshop family-friendly university of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area. Furthermore, they provide measures for students with disabilities to give them equal chances to successfully finish their studies at HdWM. This can be e.g. more time for exams or wheelchair-accessible lecture rooms. One of the core values of HdWM is to facilitate the access of young people from non-academic families to our study programmes. The equal opportunity commissioners develop measures for these “hidden talents” to support them on their way to graduation.

Your contact partner

Prof. Wera Hemmerich, PhD
Prof. Wera Hemmerich, PhD Equal Opportunity Commissioner +49 (0)621 490 890-22 wera.hemmerich@hdwm.org
Anja Muley
Anja Muley Deputy Equal Opportunity Commissioner +49 (0)621 490 890-65 anja.muley@hdwm.org

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Career Inclusive

Integration is deeply rooted in the university culture of HdWM. This enables students with handicaps, e.g. bodily, chronic or mental illnesses, to get help from the project Career inclusive.

Discrete, confidential, individual and unbureaucratic, the team is there to assist students to overcome hinderances that may keep them from successfully completing their course of study. Along with longer time to work on exams, they can also arrange coaching through a cooperation agreement with the Karlsruhe Institute (KI). Also, financial support through the Deutschlandstipendium are awarded specifically to students with MS, dyslexia, reading and writing disabilities, trauma, depression, learning disabilities, or similar conditions.

The consulting team consists of HdWM lecturers and students, who always have a ready ear for problems. Of course, the information will not be disclosed to third parties – what is discussed remains strictly between the students and the Career inclusive team.

Your contact person

Ansprechpartnerin Henrike Tyll
Henrike Tyll Project Manager Career inclusive +49 (0)621 490 890-47 henrike.tyll@hdwm.org

Support Team

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Student Service Office

The Student Service Office is the contact point for both applicants and students. Along with organising and conducting application days and processing contracts, the Student Service Office is especially responsible for the support of our students.

Your contact person

Ansprechpartnerin Heike Bürkle
Heike Bürkle Student Service Office +49 (0)621 490 890-00 studienbuero@hdwm.org
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Examination Office

At the Examination Office, you will get help in all questions about examinations and grades. It is responsible for approving previous course achievements and file for a holiday semester or change your study programme. Additionally, the Examination Office will assist you in registering for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

Your contact person

Ansprechpartner Julia Ehinger
Tatiana Derevyankina Examination Office +49 (0)621 490 890-00 pruefungsamt@hdwm.org
Ansprechpartner Sina Blattner
Julia Ehinger (on maternity leave) Examination Office +49 (0)621 490 890-00 pruefungsamt@hdwm.org

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International Office

At HdWM, every student can select a foreign language or complete a semester abroad. This allows students to decide for themselves, how international they want to design their degree programme. The International Office works very closely with the Career Services Team in the selection of foreign language and semester abroad, to guarantee an optimal coordination of the student’s professional objectives and international ambitions.

The International Office organises all stays abroad with the students and provides them with advice concerning financial support in the framework of Erasumus+ or other programmes. This makes sure that course achievements earned abroad are also in line with the degree programmes at HdWM.

Here you can find more information about semesters abroad and the Erasmus+ programme

Your contact person

Ansprechpartnerin International Office
Cristina Durán, M.A. International Office +49 (0)621 490 890-65 international-office@hdwm.org
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HdWM has a reading and lending library with special literature for each degree programme. Students can prepare for their exams here in a suitable study atmosphere. In the HdWM library, there are special workspaces for group works, but of course also for individual studying. Along with the required readings, which are listed in the module handbooks, there are current textbooks and additional in-depth literature in the form of an on-site reading and lending inventory available.

We are continuously expanding the inventory of the University Library at HdWM, which already offers a great number of monographs, academic journals and online-databases.

For research purposes and academic works, the students of HdWM also have access to the libraries at the University of Applied Studies Mannheim, the University of Mannheim as well as the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University. Furthermore, in cooperation with the University of Applied Labour Studies, our students have comprehensive access to the library there.

HdWM offers WiFi access on the whole campus, so students can work with their own laptops. There are adequate copying, scanning and printing facilities in the library.

Your contact person

Ansprechpartnerin Gizem Weber
Christiane Benkö Library bibliothek@hdwm.org
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The bookkeeping is happy to help with all questions about tuition fees and other financial matters. Office hours are daily until 2 p.m.

Your contact person

Ansprechpartnerin Gizem Weber
Katja Hartmann Bookkeeping +49 (0)621 490 890-78 katja.hartmann@hdwm.org
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Scholarships are a good way to fund your studies. At HdWM, you can apply for the Deutschlandstipendium every semester, regardless of your study programme or semester. This scholarship is not just awarded by grades. Charitable commitment or special conditions of your social background are also taken into account.

Current call for applications

Your contact person

Ansprechpartnerin Mareike Martini
Jürgen Kaufmann Academic Staff +49 (0)621 490 890-94 juergen.kaufmann@hdwm.org
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Welcome Team

HdWM is making its contribution to integrate refugees and has already enabled many young people, who had to flee their home countries due to war or persecution, to pursue a management degree programme at HdWM.

The Welcome Team is the first contact point for refugees and is happy to provide advice about applying for one of the subsidised study places in the degree programmes at HdWM. In our endeavours, we can rely on the support of businesses, public authorities, foundations, private supporters and fellow students to integrate and finance the study places for refugees.

More info about the HdWM refugee project

Your contact

Welcome Team
Tel.: +49 (0)621 490 890-77

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Students’ Council

The Students’ Council represents the interests and rights of the students at HdWM. Students who want to discuss issues or ideas about courses or events, can get in touch and always find someone to take care of problems and worries. Furthermore, the Students’ Council is responsible for organising university parties, excursions and other events by students for students. In weekly planning meetings, the team discusses and assigns tasks.

Whoever needs the help of the Students’ Council or would like to become a member, can contact its representatives.

Your contact person

Students’ Council at HdWM

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Studium Generale

At HdWM, there is the right management programme for all kind of interests and talents. This is how we can prepare every student for his or her future career. Students who want to indiviualise their studies even further, can make use of the cooperation with the Studium Generale of the Univerity of Mannheim and enrol in additional language and IT courses at affordable costs. Up to two courses can be selected, which is also a good way to earn extra credits.

Information booking and the course catalogue can be found on the website of the Studium Generale.

Studium Generale

Your contact person President Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD
Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD President +49 (0)621 490 890-64 perizat.daglioglu@hdwm.org
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