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Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management the subsidued Management Programme

University Administration and Shareholders of HdWM

HdWM is subsidised by its supporting organisation, the University of Applied Management Studies gGmbH. The main shareholder with 75% is the Internationale Bund (IB), one of the largest social and education support organisations in Germany. Other shareholders and therefore supporters of the university are WBS TRAINING AG, the Kiry Holding and Management Company GmbH and the Association German-Turkish Institute for Work and Education e.V. (DTI).

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Executive Committee


Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD, President

Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD

Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD


+49 (0) 621 490 890-64
Mail: perizat.daglioglu@hdwm.org


Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD, was born in Turkey to a German mother and a Turkish father and spent most of her childhood in Istanbul where she attended school. She completed her secondary education in Germany, studied economics at the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University in Munich and gained a PhD there in political economics. After graduating, she began working for T-Systems, a major German IT-company, where she stayed for ten years. As a team leader and senior consultant, she gained extensive experience in management and team supervision. More recently she completed a course in coaching and now works as a business coach and trainer for executives. In 2012 she joined the team at the HdWM where she began lecturing in the Bachelor Program “Management International Business”. She lectures in (International) Human Resources and Intercultural Management.


Prof. Dolores Sanchez Bengoa, PhD, Vice-President Internationalisation

Prof. Dolores Sanchez Bengoa, PhD

Prof. Dolores Sanchez Bengoa, PhD

Vice-President Internationalisation

+49 (0) 621 490 890-63
Mail: dolores.sanchez-bengoa@hdwm.org


Prof. Dolores Sanchez Bengoa, PhD, was born in Madrid. She left Spain over 20 years ago to pursue an international live and career. She is a British academic having earned her master’s degree in the field of international teamwork efficiency at Victoria University in Manchester. Her doctoral degree at Leeds Metropolitan University focused on the influence of national cultures on business performance and especially on knowledge transfer between German, Russian and Eastern European companies. She has been living and working as a cross cultural consultant in 6 countries: England, Hungary, Austria, Liechtenstein, Cyprus and Germany. She has been combining consultancy work with lecturing activities in additional countries such as Spain, Russia, Lithuania, China or Finland. She is an active researcher having over 35 scientific publications, presented on many international conferences and participated in 10 EU research projects. Since April 2015, she is professor at the HdWM being responsible for International Business and Intercultural Studies. In 2016, she joined the executive committee as the vice-president of HdWM.


Prof. Frank Stäudner, PhD, Vice-President Teaching and Research

Prof. Frank Stäudner, PhD

Prof. Frank Stäudner, PhD

Vice-President Teaching and Research

+49 (0) 621 490 890-48
Mail: frank.staeudner@hdwm.org


Prof. Frank Stäudner, PhD, graduate physicist. During the last 20 years, the postdoctoral science philosopher has helped shaping the science community. For six years, Stäudner represented the interests of the Leibniz Institutes in Berlin, and for seven years, he was in charge of the communications department of the Stifterverband, the biggest private science funding organisation in Germany. He was CEO of several academies for further education and has taught at universities and applied universities for many years. His interest is the linking of the politics science, its communication and management. In his opinion, economics and science can benefit from another, but don’t pay attention to each other often enough. In his teaching, Stäudner often encounters students’ strong wish to be equipped with recipes and tools for their profession. He opposes this by conveying a certain mindset. To him, it is important that students develop a feeling for the responsibility of an executive. Furthermore, he wants to enable them to reflect their own actions critically as well to analyse the basis for their decision-making. In other words: To be guided by science in their practical work.


Anja Muley, Vice-President Economy and Services

Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD

Anja Muley

Vice-President Economy and Services

+49 (0) 621 490 890-65
Mail: anja.muley@hdwm.org


Anja Muley holds a degree in business and Romance philology. She was born and raised in Mannheim, where she studied business studies and Romance philology at the University of Mannheim. After graduation, she was scientific assistant and instructor for corporate policy at the Prof. Kieser’s chair for General Business Management and Organisation. In 2001, she went into the finance sector. At Commerzbank AG and COMINVEST Asset Management GmbH in Frankfurt, she worked several years in the project and service management as a general manager. Between 2012 and 2017, she was manager at the Mannheim Business School gGmbH, where she was responsible for the programme and project management as well as the contract and accounting in the executive education division. Afterwards, she was CEO at the rem Service GmbH, an organisation of the fundraising group for the Reiss Engelhorn Museum, Mannheim.

Since 2019, Ms. Muley is head of administration at HdWM and has been appointed vice-president economy and services.

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Wolfgang Dittmann, CEO

Wolfgang Dittmann

Wolfgang Dittmann


+49 (0) 621 490 890-61
Mail: wolfgang.dittmann@hdwm.org


Wolfgang Dittmann has his roots in Rhineland-Westphalia: Born in Mettmann, he grew up in Ennepetal, where he also completed his A-levels. After his Compulsory Civil Service in Öschelbronn, he took a degree programme in Political Science, Macroeconomics and Modern History at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, graduating under Kurt Sontheimer with a Magister Artium.

He has many years of experience in the education sector. First as an instructor, but soon he took on management functions and gathered more than twenty years of managing experience in functions as an authorised agent and managing director.

Wolfgang Dittmann has worked in higher education since 2006. First as the Director of the Euro-Business-Universities in Munich, and afterwards, in 2008, at the International School of Management (ISM), where he was responsible for the new locations in Munich and Hamburg as well as the expansion in Frankfurt/Main. In 2010, he also took over the assignments as Chancellor and Managing Director of ISM in Dortmund.

In 2012, he became Managing Director of the ‘educational subsidiary’ of the IB, the IB GIS, including its university and academy. He was responsible for the expansion and restructuring of the IB University to one of the most distinguished health care universities in Germany, while at the same time driving the ongoing development of IB Medical Academy, one of the largest private education organisations in the healthcare field. In 2013, he was also named Managing Director of HdWM.

Your contact person President Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD
Prof. Perizat Daglioglu, PhD President +49 (0)621 490 890-64 perizat.daglioglu@hdwm.org
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