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Gain Practical Experience during Your Studies

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Your Advantages of the Practical Orientation of the HdWM Study Programmes

  • Gain valuable work experience during your studies
  • Several practical elements in every degree course
  • Network of local partner companies
  • You decide how practical your studies are going to be
  • Career Service offers mentoring programme to prepare you for the German labour market
  • FIBAA certified study programmes at a university of applied sciences accredited by the German Science Council

Kristina Dimitrova

Graduate BA Management in International Business

HdWM offers not only a high-level business education, but it also gives students the chance to explore and be part of the business even before you graduate. For me, these three years were the first step on my way to a successful business career.”

Practical Orientation Built into the Degree Courses

At HdWM we put great emphasis on real-life working experience. This is why we built practical elements in every degree course, so that you can gain this important experience already during your studies. This gives you the chance to prepare yourself for your future career and meet local companies partnering with HdWM. In every study programme, there are fixed practical elements supplemented with free time that can be used for voluntary work experience.

To get you in touch with companies and to prepare you for the particularities of the German labour market, our university own Career Service team provides coaching within a mentoring programme.

What makes the degree courses at HdWM special?

Our highest aim is to prepare our students for their future careers. In addition to the academic educations, we therefore put a strong emphasis on work experience and insight into the job that you might later perform.

Every study programme has a mandatory internship. In the bachelor’s programmes, it takes 18 weeks and 8 weeks in the master’s programmes. In the MA Business Management (EN), you have the choice to conduct a research project instead of the internship. This is a great chance to practice the German academic style as a preparation for your thesis a semester later, especially if you studied your bachelor’s outside of Germany.

Your thesis can be written in cooperation with a company. By this, you can apply top-notch management research and theories to actual challenges in modern companies. The practical relevance of the research in your thesis, can give you a head start when applying for jobs after graduation all over the world.

These practical elements are topped off by lecturers with business experience, guest lecturers from companies, real-life business cases, or company visits. They give all insight into your later working life and are fixed parts of the curriculum.

Furthermore, there is lots of free time that can be spent by gaining voluntary work experience. In the BA Management in International Business, there is at least 1 day without lectures increasing to 3 days in the higher semesters. In the MA Business Management (EN), lectures only take place from Thursdays to Fridays, leaving the rest of the week at your own disposal. The semester breaks can also be used for voluntary work.

Do you wonder how HdWM manages to put in so much practical experience into its study courses?

This is how we combine theory and praxis in the BA Management in International Business:

How do I get in touch with companies?

To guarantee a perfect matching between student and company, we take the time to get to know you. With this information and these impressions, students can meet our partner companies on network- and recruiting events and during individual career coaching sessions.


Career Network offers Mentoring Programme

The HdWM Career Network is the link between our students and the partner companies. The team establishes and maintains the cooperation with partner companies and hosts events to bring students and companies together.

Our partner companies are always in need of able students to support them with top-notch business tools and theories. But as every labour market around the world, the labour market in Germany follows unspoken laws and particularities. Students, who are not accustomed to the German way of e.g. applying, may find it difficult to win over potential employers for their internships or for student jobs.

To support international students in gaining valuable work experience, the Career Network developed a special mentoring programme for international students that aims at conveying the dos and don’ts of the German application etiquette and teaching you how to optimise your application documents to meet the expectations of German HR personnel.

Good proficiency in German is for example something that can literally open doors when applying for a job in Germany. Therefore, HdWM offers German classes on beginners’ level every semester to help you improve your employability on the local labour market.

With which partner companies does HdWM cooperate?

Among our HdWM partner companies are multinational enterprises, but also non-profit organisations, startups as well as small and middle-sized companies. All offer excellent career options and opportunities of advancements.

Find out more about our partner companies.

Parneet Virk

Graduate BA Management in International Business

“Doing an internship abroad is a great opportunity. It broadens your world view and perspective, and along with learning new things about the business world, you will also experience a new culture. I am definitely sure that it will be a great step and beneficial for the future career.”