Publications and Research Activities of the HdWM staff

On this site, you can find the most current publications and research activities of our colleagues.

Prof. Dr. Lars Castellucci

Prof. Dr. Michael Cofrin

Scioli, A., Cofrin, M., Aceto, F., & Martin, T. (2018). Toward a Rorschach Hope Index. Rorschachiana, 39, pp. 157-179.

Prof. Dr. Katja Hanke

  • Berry, J.W., Lepshokova, Z., and MIRIPS collaborators, Grigoryev, D. (2021). How Shall We All Live Together?: Meta-Analytical Review of the Mutual Intercultural Relations in Plural Societies Project. Applied Psychology
  • Mari, S., Gil de Zúñiga, H., Suerdem, A., Hanke, K., Brown, G., Vilar, R., Boer, D. and Bilewicz, M. (2021). Conspiracy Theories and Institutional Trust: Examining the Role of Uncertainty Avoidance and Active Social Media Use. Political Psychology.
  • Hirschberger, G., Imhoff, R., Kahn, D.T., & Hanke, K. (in press). Making sense of the past to understand the present: Attributions for historical trauma predict contemporary social and political attitudes. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations.
  • Rudnev, M., Vauclair, C.-M., Aminihajibashi, S., Becker, M., Bilewicz, M., Castellanos Guevara, J.L., Hanke, K., et al. (2020). Measurement invariance of the moral vitalism scale across 28 cultural groups. PLoS ONE 15(6), e0233989.
  • van Egmond, M.C., Hanke, K., Omarshah, T.T., Navarrete Berges, A., Zango, V. and Sieu, C. (2020). Self‐esteem, motivation and school attendance among sub‐Saharan African girls: A self‐determination theory perspective. International Journal of Psychology, doi:10.1002/ijop.12651
  • Leong, C.-H., Komisarof, A., Dandy, J., Jasinskaja-Lahti, I., Safdar, S., Hanke, K., &Teng, E. (2020). What does it take to become “one of us?” Redefining ethnic-civic citizenship using markers of everyday nationhood, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 2020, ISSN 0147-1767,
  • Boehnke, K., Schiefer, D., van Egmond, M.C., Hanke, K., Klar, Y., & Roccas. S. (2020). Conceiving one‘s national group as transgenerational: Effects on attitudes towards ‘foreign’ and diaspora migrants. PLoS ONE 15(4), e0230303.
  • Bastian, B., Vauclair, C.M. […] Hanke, K. et al. (2019.) Explaining illness with evil: pathogen prevalence fosters moral vitalism, 286, Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
  • Schumann, S., Boer, D., Hanke, K. & Liu, J. (2019). Social media use and support for populist radical right parties: assessing exposure and selection effects in a two-wave panel study. Information,Communication & Society.
  • Maehler, D., Zabal, A., & Hanke, K. (2019). Adults’ Identity in Acculturation Settings: The Multigroup Ethnic & National Identity Measure (MENI), Identity, 19(4), 245-257.
  • Maehler, D., Weinmann, M., & Hanke, K. (2019). Acculturation and Naturalization: Insights From Representative and Longitudinal Migration Studies in Germany. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 1160.
  • Hofhuis, J., Hanke, K., & Rutten, T. (2019). Social network sites and acculturation of international sojourners in the Netherlands: The mediating role of psychological alienation and online social support. International Journal of Intercultural Research, 69, 120-130.
  • Hanke, K., Liu, J.H., Huang, L.-L., & Wang, F. (2019). World War II wounds (not) healed by time: Negative action tendencies in Sino-Japanese and Taiwanese-Japanese relations across two generations. In S. Mukherjee, P.S. Salter (Eds.). History and Collective Memory: Its Role in Shaping National Identities. Nova Science Publishers Inc.
  • Odağ, Ö., & Hanke, K. (2018). Revisiting culture: A review of a neglected dimension in media psychology. Journal of Media Psychology: Theories, Methods, and Applications. Advance online publication.
  • Boer, D., Hanke, K., & He, J. (2018). On detecting systematic measurement error in cross-cultural research: A review and critical reflection on equivalence and invariance tests. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 49,5,713-734.
  • Osei-Tutu, A., Dzokoto, V. A., Hanke, K., Adams, G., Belgrave, F. Z. (2018). Conceptions of love in Ghana: An exploration among Ghanaian Christians. Journal of Psychology in Africa,28(2),83-88.
  • Osei-Tutu, A., Dzokoto, V. A., Adams, G.; Hanke, K., Kwakye-Nuako, C., Adu-Mensa, F., Appiah-Danquah, R. (2018).‘My Own House, Car, My Husband, and Children’: meanings of success among Ghanaians. Heliyon,4(7), e00696.
  • Zaromb, F. M., Liu, J. H., Páez, D., Hanke, K., Putnam, A. L., Roediger, H. L. (2018). We Made History: Citizens of 35 Countries Overestimate Their Nation's Role in World History. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition. Advance online publication
  • Vauclair, C. M., Boer, D., & Hanke, K. (2018). Teaching Psychological Measurement: Taking into Account Cross-Cultural Comparability and Cultural Sensitivity. In K. D. Keith (Ed.), Culture across the Curriculum: A Psychology Teacher's Handbook, 157-176. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hermann

  • Hermann, T.; Coronella, S. & Santaniello, L. (2022). Léon Gomberg, gescheiterter Herausforderer in der Gründungszeit der Betriebswirtschaftslehre.Ein Narrativ aus Perspektive der „Theorie der strategischen Handlungsfelder“. In: Matiaske, W. & Sadowski, D. (eds.). Ideengeschichte der BWL II. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien, pp.517-554.
  • Santaniello, L; Coronella, S. & Hermann, T. (2022). Paolo Emilio Cassandro: Ein Herausforderer der Economia Aziendale Gino Zappas mithilfe der Einzelwirtschaftslehre Léon Gombergs. Eine Anwendung der „Theorie der strategischen Handlungsfelder“ und der „Theorie der epistemischen Objekte“ In: Matiaske, W. & Sadowski, D. (eds.). Ideengeschichte der BWL II. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien, pp. 555–586.
  • Hermann, T. (2021). “Un’istituzione aperta agli studi socialmente utili”. La dissertazione di Gherardo d´Arco presentata all´Accademia di Mantova nel 1771. Un´analisi delle metafore. In: Navarrini, R. (ed.). La Reale Accademia di Mantova nell´Europa del Settecento (1768-2018), S. 213-231. Mantova: Publi Paolini (ISBN 978-88-85614-73-4)
  • Hermann, Th. (2021). Manichäismen im BWL-Klassiker Wöhe. Ideologiekritik und dialogische betriebswirtschaftliche Bildung. In: Matiaske, W. und Nienhüser, W. (Hrsg.): Jahrbuch Ökonomie & Gesellschaft Bd.32: Ökonomie und Ideologie. S. 267-317. Marburg: Metropolis-Verlag.
  • Hermann, T. (2019). Corporate Social Responsibility in the Dock. How Persuasive Strategies Support Verbal Accounts in the Event of Loss of Trust. In: management revue- Socio-Economic Studies, vol.30 (2-3), p.268-311.
  • Coronella, S., Santaniello, L. & Hermann, T. (2019). Leon Gomberg, ein vergessener Brückenbauer zwischen italienischer Ragioneria und deutschsprachiger BWL. Paper presented at VHB-Conference “Ideengeschichte der BWL II” (grant-aided by DFG), Helmut Schmidt Universität Hamburg, 12 October 2019
  • Hermann, T., Coronella, S. & Santaniello, L. (2019). Discursive struggles and marginalized voices. The formation of business economics in Germany and Italy. Paper presented at “The Accounting History International Emerging Scholars’ Colloquium”, Dauphine University Paris 3 September 2019.
  • Hermann, T. 2018a. A Rhetorical situation triggers accounting communication. The case of the conflict between the Bank of German States and the Government in 1955/56. CONTABILITÀ E CULTURA AZIENDALE – Accounting and Cultures vol. XVIII (1), p.73-118. doi: 10.3280/CCA2018-001005.
  • Hermann, T. 2018b. Luca Pacioli im Lichte von Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Economia Aziendale. Prolegomena zu einer vergleichenden Analyse historiographischer Narrative. In: Matiaske, Wenzel und Weber, Wolfgang (eds.): Ideengeschichte der BWL. ABWL, Organisation, Personal, Rechnungswesen und Steuern. Wiesbaden: SpringerGabler, p.85-129. doi: 10.1007/978-3-658-15403-5
  • Hermann, T. 2018c. Metafore di Accounting nell´illuminismo austriaco e lombardo. La “Scienza del Buon Governo” di Joseph von Sonnenfels e “Dell´armonia politico-economica fra la città ed il suo territorio” di Gherardo d´Arco. Paper presented at 250. Anniversario della fondazione della Reale Accademia di Scienze e Belle Lettere, Mantova 3 March 2018.
  • Hermann, T. 2018d. Keeping the moral books or morals of a bookkeeper? Insights into Hermann Broch´s novel “The Sleepwalkers” from Systematic Metaphor Analysis. Presented at XIV. SISR Conference “Accounting History and Arts”. Torino 23.11.2018. Published in Atti (Proceedings) del XIV convegno nazionale SISR a Torino. Roma: Casa editice RIREA. doi: 1017408/DIGA02/591641

Prof. Dr. Hans Rüdiger Kaufmann

  • Dehghan, T. and Kaufmann, H.R. 2019. Measuring and Transferring Brand Identity - An Initial Research Itinerary. 16th Circle International Conference; 25.04.- 26.04.19; University of Gloucestershire, UK.
  • Zwerenz, C., Kaufmann, H.R. and Simpson, C. 2019. A Fresh Perspective on Corporate Compliance. 16th Circle International Conference; 25.04.- 26.04.19; University of Gloucestershire, UK.
  • Tirrel, H., Kaufmann, H.R., Winnen, L. 2019. Multi-Location Workers – Development of an Initial Framework from Previous Research. 16th Circle International Conference; 25.04.- 26.04.19; University of Gloucestershire, UK.
  • Brunetti, F., Confente, I. & Kaufmann, H.R. (2019). The human dimension of a brand influences brand equity: an empirical examination in the context of a luxury and a convenience brand. Journal of Brand Management (1-12).
  • Correia Loureiro, S. M., Kaufmann, H. R. (2019). Exploring the Power of Electronic Word-of-Mouth in the Services Industry. Hershey: IGI Global.
  • Basile, G., Kaufmann, H.-R., Savastano, M. (2018). Revisiting Complexity Theory to Achieve Strategic Intelligence. International Journal of Foresight & Innovation Policy. 13(1/2), p57-70. Inderscience. 
  • Loureiro, S. M. C., Kaufmann, H. R. (2018). The role of online brand community engagement on positive or negative self-expression word-of-mouth. Cogent Business & Management.5(1), 1508543.
  • Belyaeva, Z. and Kaufmann, H.R. (2018). Guest Edition: University Responsibility: Impact and Models. World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management & Sustainable Development.
  • Basile, G., Kaufmann, H.-R., Savastano, M. (2018). Revisiting complexity theory to achieve strategic intelligence. Int. J. Foresight and Innovation Policy.13(½).
  • Kaufmann, H.R., Goncalves, C. (2018). Brand Hate: Antecedents, Behavioral Intentions and its Interactions with Brand Equity. XX I SEMEAD. Brazil.
  • Kaufmann, H.R., Loureiro- Correia, S., Alves, G and Attila, I. (2018). The New Luxury: Insight from Sustainable Brazilian Luxury Fashion. EuroMed Conference in Malta, September 2018. Thompson- Reuters accredited Conference Proceedings.
  • Basile, G., Kaufmann, H.R. (2018). Networking abilities and dynamic capabilities for an “innovator firm” profile in the Italian manufacturer industry. EuroMed Conference, Malta. September.
  • Kaufmann, H.R., Czinkota, M., Altintas, H.M. (2018). Applying Curative Marketing for SMART CITIES. Marketing Strategy and Policy Conference. Conference Proceedings. Newcastle University London. April 2018.
  • Kallinger, S. and Kaufmann, H.R. (2018). Lean Warehousing: a quantitative analysis. 15th Circle Conference. April 2018. Sarajevo. The University of Vitez.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Steimer

  • Steimer, S. & Arnold, C. (2020). Nachhaltige Firmenveranstaltungen als Treiber einer nachhaltigen Unternehmensführung. In: K. Butzer-Strothmann & F. Ahlers (Hrsg.), Integrierte nachhaltige Unternehmensführung, S. 284-306. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler.
  • Purle, E., Steimer, S., Hamel, M. (2019). Toolbox für den B2B-Vertrieb – Ein systematischer Werkzeugkasten für Ihren Kundenerfolg. Freiburg: Schäffer-Poeschel.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimber

  • Zimber, A. (2018a). Führen und gesund bleiben. Ein Präventionsprogramm für Führungskräfte in Sandwich-Positionen. Heidelberg, Berlin: Springer.
  • Zimber, A. (2018b). Einmal Vollgas, immer Vollgas? Wie Manager stark führen und gesund bleiben. Heidelberg, Berlin: Springer.
  • Hentrich, S., Zimber, A., Sosnowsky-Waschek, N., Gregersen, S. & Petermann, F. (2018). Are core self-evaluations a suitable moderator in stressor-detachment relationships? A study among managers’ perceived job demands, detachment and strain reactions. Work, 59 (3), 413-423.

Prof. Dr. Dolores Sanchez Bengoa

  • Ayesu, J.A.O., Bengoa, D.S. (2020) The Cultural Complexity of Knowledge Sharing in Multicultural Teams, ECKM Knowledge Management, Conventry, UK.
  • Kaufmann, H.R., Paraschaki, M., Tsoukatos, E., Sanchez Bengoa, M.D., Czinkota, M. 2019. Curative International Marketing, Corporate and Business Diplomacy: A Triple Application for Migration, in: Thrassou, A., Vrontis, D., Weber, Y., Shams, R.M.S., Tsoukatos, E. 2019. The Synergy of Business Theory and Practice. Advancing the Practical Application of Scholarly Research, pp. 261- 284. Palgrave Macmillan. USA.
  • Kaufmann, H.R., Sanchez Bengoa, D., Sandbrink, C., Kokkinaki, A., Kameas, A., Fitsilis, P. and Valentini, A. (2019). DevOps Competences for Smart Cities. 12th EuroMed Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Röck, E., Bengoa, S.D. (2019) Different attitudes towards business failure between cultures. 12th EuroMed Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Hürlimann, C., Bengoa, S. D. & Al-Ali, J. (2018) 'Theory and Practice of Valuation Approaches in Renewable Energy Investments: a Survey among Investment Professionals', World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development. ISSN 1746-0581 Item availability may be restricted.
  • Hürlimann, Ch., Ala-li, J., Bengoa, S.D. (2018) Valuation of renewable energy investments: an explanatory mixed methods study about applied approaches amongst practitioners". Global Business and Economics Review. ISSN 1745-1329
  • Alenina, K., Bengoa, S.D. (2018), Competence-based approach as the basis for qualified managers training for successful innovative development of domestic hi-tech companies. The 8th International Scientific Research Conference Proceedings. – Perm: Perm National Research Polytechnic University, 2018. 271 p.
  • Gribanov, Y., Bengoa, S.D. (2018) Methodological bases of modular digitalization of the energy sector of Russia economy.11th Annual Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business (EMAB) that will be held in Valletta, Malta, September 12th-14th, 2018.
  • Dimitriva, K & Bengoa, S.D. (2018) ‘An An Investigation into Employee Turnover within the Bulgarian Hospitality Industry and Identifying Methods of retention that could be adopted. 11th Annual Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business (EMAB) that will be held in Valletta, Malta, September 12th-14th, 2018.
  • Devops and Smart Cities submitted in Jan 2018 and approved. Budget 960.000 Euros. Erasmus + Project with 13 partners from 5 countries. Agreement number – 2018-3137/001-001. Project number – 601015-EPP-1-2018-1-EL-EPPKA2-SSA. Granted
  • Development of TVET Pedagogical Competences and Qualification in Palestinian Universities Agreement number: 2018-2962/001-001. Project reference number: –598665-EPP-1-2018-1-PS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP. Granted
  • Submitted in March 2018: Erasmus+ KA2 and KA203: Digital Marketing, Analytics and Communication Skills in Europe. Submitted Jan 2018. Total Budget: Euro 449.250; Project Leader: University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Sandbrink

Kaufmann, H.R., Sanchez Bengoa, D., Sandbrink, C., Kokkinaki, A., Kameas, A., Fitsilis, P. and Valentini, A. 2019. DevOps Competences for Smart Cities. 12th EuroMed Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, 18.09.19- 20.09.2019.