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We Support You during Your Studies in Germany

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Your advantages of studying at HdWM:

  • HdWM and its study programmes are state-approved university by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Art of the federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg

  • Accredited by the German Science Council

  • Personal support during your whole studies – from the application to your thesis

  • Special welcome week and buddy programme for international students

  • Free German courses for beginners every semester

  • Degree courses 100% in English

  • Practical orientation by e.g. internships and real-life business cases

HdWM: Supporting You on the Path to Your Degree

Studying in another country can be quite a challenge. At HdWM, we want to make sure, you have all the support you need to get settled in Germany and to get accustomed to the German academic system. From the first contact to your finals, the HdWM staff is always happy to help and offers special programmes designed for international students.

Our university is the ‘home’ to almost 30 nationalities among students and staff. We enjoy being an international campus and we are looking forward to welcoming you as a part of it.

For more information, read our brochure for international students.

Our study advisors assist you during the application process

Do you want to study in Germany? Are you looking for a management degree course that prepares you for the working world? Well, then the HdWM study advisors might be the right people to turn to!

Our study advisors will be at your side from answering the first questions to – fingers crossed – your admission. They support you during the entire decision-making process, check your entrance requirements, prepare you for the application interview, and get your admission documents ready. If the German embassy in your country requires special documents, just let our study advisors know and they will issue the necessary paperwork.

We want to support you personally during this important decision. If you are applying from abroad, you can receive a personal counselling either via phone or video call. To give yourself the necessary time to apply and prepare your studies in Germany, please allow at least three months for the consultation and application process. We treat each application individually to make sure the HdWM study programmes offer you what you need for your career. Also, the application for a visa, which is a separate process that we cannot influence, usually takes a while, and needs some forward planning.

Find out more about our application process, the steps for the admission or how to settle in Germany.

Personal support from the first semester on

At HdWM, you are more than just a matriculation number. The personal development and close contact to our students is very important to us.

Therefore, we have small groups to ensure personal contact between you and your fellow-students, but also between you and your lecturers. We have an open-door policy. The chair of your study programme always has an open ear and is the person you can turn to during you whole studies. Whenever there is something you need to discuss, just drop by, and ask for a personal meeting.

We know that academics styles differ from country to country. To get you in shape for your thesis, there are special courses in each study programme, such as ‘Academic Writing’ in the BA Management in International Business and an 8-week research project in the MA Business Management that students can choose instead of the management internship.

Support by the International Office

The International Office is our students’ connection to the whole world. They take care of you and the partner universities and process all Erasmus+ application – for HdWM students exploring the word, but also for incoming exchange students joining us from other institutions.

But the International Office is also your partner in getting settled at HdWM and Germany. They host many events to get you in touch with other students from Germany and the whole world. Organising programmes and courses to make you feel at home, is also part of their tasks:

  • Welcome Week
    You are new in Mannheim and feel lost? The welcome week will help you feel at home. Find out about the German academic system, German mentality, meet your fellow students, and have some fun.

  • German Classes
    Speaking the language of the locals will help you get in touch with people and employers.

  • Buddy Programme
    It’s always good to have a friend in need – especially if you are new at a place. Your ‘buddy’ will help you get settled in Germany.

  • Language Tandem Programme
    Do you miss speaking your mother tongue? With almost 30 nationalities on campus, there is certainly someone who speaks your language.

  • Cultural and social events for exchange, international, and local students
    Studying is about learning for life – and having fun. Meet your fellow-international and local students in a laid-back atmosphere.

  • Cosmopolitan Club
    You are looking for an apartment, the best grocery store around, or you would like to sell stuff? The Cosmopolitan Club is your platform for exchange with other HdWM students.

Would you like to find out more about the work of the International Office?

Buddy Programme helps you to get settled

We understand how hard it is to arrive in a new city, a new university, and a new country. Finding your way around, having appointments at the city hall, going to the doctor’s – these are all challenges that seem to be so much bigger when being away from home. But don’t worry, there is help!

In the Buddy Programme, HdWM students volunteer to support international and exchange students to settle in the new environment. If desired, you buddy picks you up at the train station when you arrive, gives tips about the best supermarkets and leisure activities, and can also support you in dealing with official agencies.

Do you need assistance of a buddy or would you like to be a buddy for others? Contact the International Office for more information.

German Classes for international students

Although our English-track study programmes are 100% in English, we highly recommend all international students to learn German. Admittedly, it is a tough language to learn, but will open many doors while studying in Germany. From our 10-year experience, we can tell that students without sufficient German skills have difficulties finding jobs as working students or interns. Many of our partner companies are small- and middle-sized businesses and operate locally. And also many big players prefer applicants who are fluent in German.

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Mannheim, which is located right next door on the same campus, we offer our international students to learn German with this renowed institution. Classes are available on all levels. Click here to learn more.

If you are interested in joining the course, just contact the International Office. If you are already a bit more proficient in German, you can also take classes within our cooperation with the Studium Generale, which offers courses designed for students.

Practical experience gives you a head start in your career

We want to prepare our students for their future career. To achieve this, we built in many different practical elements into the curriculum of our study programmes. Every study programme contains an internship that you can spend in Mannheim or abroad. Also, the curriculum allows enough free time that you can use for jobs as working students. Even in the lectures, you will receive lots of insight into real business life by your business-experienced lecturers, guest lecturers from companies, and company visits.

You are unsure what German personnel specialists are looking for in an applicant? Our Career Network @ HdWM team offer a mentoring programme that prepares international students for the particularities of the German job market.

How to apply for a management degree with high personal support

Studying a master’s in international management requires more from an applicant than just the necessary school leaving certificates or university diplomas. It takes special characteristics, such as motivation and personality, to be successful in the field. These and other qualifications are assessed in our application process. Rather than just checking your grades, we want to assess your motivation for choosing the respective degree course. We want to find out how it can support you on your path to your career. The central element is a personal application interview with a professor of the respective degree course. The interview gives us insight, whether the selected study programme matches your personal skills and interests.

Find out more about our Application Process or apply directly via our Online Application Form.