The Study Advisory at HdWM

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English-track study programmes

Management in International Business

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Management in International Business

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Business Management EN

Master of Arts (MA) Business Management (in English

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German-track study programmes

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Business Management (German)

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) Social Work- Integration Management (German)

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Bachelor of Science (BSc) Business Psychology (German)

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Master of Arts (MA) Business Management (German)

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Master of Arts (MA) Business Management and Business Psychology (German)

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Master of Science (MSc) Business Psychology (German)

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Your Advantages of the HdWM Study Advisory

  • Individual and non-binding consultation
  • We support you through the whole application process
  • Applications can be handed in at any time
  • Personal consultation also from abroad through video calls 
  • Checking your individual entrance requirements

Felix Rodriguez

(Study Advisor Bachelor’s Programmes)

“Choosing the right degree programme can be quite complicated. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, your interests, and talents. Together, we will find the right course for your needs.”

Alexandra Golowin

(Study Advisor Master’s Programmes)

“A master’s degree opens new career perspectives. I’d like to support you in choosing the right path for your master’s studies to reach your goals.”

The HdWM Study Advisory 

The study advisory is at your side while looking for the right degree course. We help you in identifying your interests and strengths to find the matching bachelor’s or master’s degree. Get to know our university in a personal video call or simply via email. 

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Did you already decide for a study programme? Then fill out our online application form and send us your application documents via email

Checking Your Entrance Requirements

The educational systems differ from country to country. Our study advisors personally check your application documents to make sure nothing hinders you from starting your studies in Germany. 

If all formal requirements are met, we will invite you to a personal application interview with the chair of the respective study programme – in person if you are already in Germany, or simply in a video call from abroad. 

Find out more about our application procedure or apply directly for one of our degree programmes using our online application form.

FAQs about the study advisory and about applying at HdWM

How can I apply?

To apply for a specific degree course and semester, you can fill in your data in our online application form. After this, please send your application documents to

When is the application deadline?

We accept applications at any time. But if you have a certain semester in mind to start your studies, you should apply and send us your application documents at least 3 months before the semester starts. Please also check with your embassy, how long the application for a visa in Germany currently takes.

How do I get in touch with companies?

During your studies, you have the chance to meet our partner companies. The HdWM Career Service organises career events every semester and offers a mentoring programme to prepare international students for the labour market in Germany. Company visits and guest lecturers from companies also give you the opportunity to get to know potential employers. 

Have you considered learning German​​​​​​​? This can boost your employability for German small, medium-sized, and big companies.

Can I also hand in application documents later?

To speed up your application process, it is best to hand in all your necessary documents in one batch. Sometimes, some documents are not available yet at the time of your application, such as language certificates or letters of recommendation. Please consult the study advisors if you can hand in single documents later, and please keep in mind that this may extend the application process.

For which questions can I turn to the study advisory?

In the study advisory, we offer you and your parents advise in finding the right degree course. Together, we will identify your interests and talents to see if our study programmes match your needs. We inform about the entrance requirements, which application documents you have to hand in, and which deadlines you have to consider during your application.

Please note that the visa application is independent from the application process for your studies. From the study advisory, you will receive all necessary papers to document your upcoming studies in Germany. Just contact us if your embassy requires any additional documents.

Can I apply for scholarships to fund my studies?

HdWM offers merit-based scholarship programmes for which all students can apply. For 1-2 semesters, the awardees receive a financial support of 300€ per month.

Please note that HdWM does not offer full scholarships.

Find out more about options to fund your studies.

What awaits me in the application interview?

The application interview is the centrepiece of the HdWM application process. Next to your application documents, other qualities such as your motivation and personality are very important to us. These and other qualifications are assessed in the interview. It is conducted by a professor of the respective study programme. You can also use the interview to ask questions and express your aims.

Is there a master’s in English at HdWM that I can study after graduation?

Yes, HdWM offers several master’s degree programmes, of which one is entirely in English and ideal for graduates of the BA Management in International Business. 

Which skills do I need to study at HdWM and how can I prepare myself?

In addition to the formal entrance requirements and grades, we are looking for further qualities such as your motivation to study the desired study programme and your personality. During the application process, we want to find out more about you as a person and how we can support you in achieving your career aims. 

To prepare yourself for your studies, we recommend starting to learn German as early as possible. We offer German classes on beginners’ level every semester, but the better your German, the easier it will be for you to find a job in Germany. So, better to start early!

Are you worried about how to meet new people and whether the academic style in Germany differs from what you are used to? At the beginning of every semester, the HdWM International Office hosts a Welcome Week for all international and exchange students. There, you meet other students from all over the world, including locals from Mannheim. The International Office tells you about the dos and don’ts of German student life and of course there will be some fun activities to make you feel welcome.

How do I get in touch with the partner companies and do I get support in applying for the internship?

Every semester, you get the chance to meet our partner companies. On networking events, you can get in touch with representatives of the partner companies – without any obligation. A more intense exchange is possible, during your internship, company projects or in your bachelor’s resp. master’s thesis. 

During your studies the Career Service offers a mentoring programme to prepare you for the specifics of the German labour market: how to present yourself in the cover letter or why German skills are essential.

Can I gain even more international experience? By spending a semester or my internship abroad?

Yes, this is possible, and we encourage every student to do so. The colleagues from the International Office can give you more information about the possibilities. 

You don’t want to spend a full semester abroad? The International Office organises short excursions as well. For several days or weeks, students visit partner universities or take part in international competitions.