Double Degree Courses for Your International Career

Make the most of your HdWM studies: Take part in our double degree courses


Two degrees, one program – no problem at HdWM! By taking part in one of our double degree courses, you receive two degrees from European universities. Especially if you are heading for an international career, a double degree can pave the way to make your dreams come true.

In our double degree courses, we work with top-notch institutions in Europe, of whose academic quality we are absolutely convinced: VAMK in Vaasa, Finland, and the renowned Sapienza Università di Roma in Italy.

Gather credits while making unforgettable memories abroad. Your degree will be awarded by HdWM and your international guest university.

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The Double Degree Courses at HdWM in Brief

Double Degree in the Bachelor’s programs
Double Degree in the Master’s programs
  • Degree program MA Business Management EN (four-semester variant Digital Leadership)
  • Cooperation with Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy
  • Instruction language English
  • Degrees:Master of Arts ‚Business Management with Digital Leadership’ & ‘Management delle imprese – Business Management’
  • Duration of studies 4 semesters
  • 120 ECTS
Time Abroad2 semesters

Participation requirements

  • Enrolment in an English-track study program at HdWM
  • High proficiency in English
  • Application while your enrolment for your HdWM studies
  • Successfully completed semesters at HdWM
  • Application at the International Office
Tuition fees

590-690 Euro per month
There are no additional tuition fees at your guest university.

For more information about our tuition fees, please read the scale of fees

Your Advantages of our Double Degree Courses

  • Popular double degree for better career options
  • Ideal for careers in an international setting
  • Second degree at a renowned European institution
  • Valuable international experience
  • No additional tuition fees at the guest university
  • Guaranteed mutual recognition of credits
  • Special double degree courses for bachelor’s and master’s students

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(Graduate BA Management in International Business)

“I highly recommend the double degree program, which was a life experience. It added value to my studies and gave me the opportunity to grow on a personal and educational level.”

Sonia Smolinska

(Graduate BA Management in International Business)

“During my studies, I took part in the Erasmus+ program at VAMK, Vaasa to get a double degree. I believe that every student should take part in it and use the chance to study in such a beautiful place, gain experience and meet new people.”

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Bachelor’s degree programs with a double degree: What you need to know

Who can take part in our double degree courses?

In the bachelor’s studies, all students from the BA Management in International Business can take part in the double degree program. Before going abroad, you need to have completed the first four semesters of your HdWM studies.

Which university awards the second bachelor’s degree?

Partner for this double degree course in the bachelor’s studies, is VAMK, the Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu, University of Applied Sciences in the Finnish Vaasa.

Just like HdWM, VAMK puts great emphasis on practical orientation and the support of its 3.700 students. The degree programs in Finnish and English are offered in the fields of technology as well as business.

The modern campus is located in Vaasa, a cultural hub in Finland and at the same time the city with the highest share of students among its population. Every fifth inhabitant is a student, which impacts the leisure activities of the city.

Don’t be afraid of the winter blues: Vaasa is known to be one of Finland’s sunniest cities.

How is the double degree course in the bachelor’s programs structured?

After successfully completing your first four semesters at HdWM, you can start your double degree in the fifth semester at VAMK. So, you don’t need to worry about missing out on your internship in the fourth semester.

You will spend two semesters at your guest university, in which you will obtain 60 ECTS. The completed courses will be recognized for your HdWM studies.

You will write your thesis at HdWM in the seventh semester. It is written in English and will be graded by one assessor of each institution.

When the program is successfully completed, you receive a double degree as ‘Bachelor of Arts in Management in International Business’ of HdWM and a ‘Bachelor of Business Administration’ of VAMK with 210 ECTS.

How can I apply for the double degree courses?

The International Office advises you and guides you through the application for your double degree course.

You register for the double degree already while applying at HdWM. This way you are enrolled at both universities at the same time.

For more information about deadlines and application documents, you can contact the International Office anytime.

Are there any additional costs for the double degree courses?

While participating in the double degree, you only pay your HdWM tuition fees. Your guest university does not charge any extra tuition fees.

Further expenses, such as fees for the student union or health insurance, may incur at your guest university.

As the double degree courses are part of the Erasmus+ program, you can request information about funding at the International Office.

VAMK supports students in finding a local accommodation.

Double master’s program: answers to your questions

Who can take part in the double master’s program?

Students in the four-semester variant MA Business Management with Digital Leadership can take part in the double degree courses. In addition, the specialization International Sales Management must be chosen.

You need a proof of proficiency in English on C1 level (at least 6.5 IELTS, 80 or more in TOEFL, or a bachelor’s degree entirely in English).

Which university awards the second master’s degree?

You study your double degree at a university of superlatives: the renowned Sapienza Università di Roma. It is not only one of the best universities in Italy, but also the biggest university in Europe, and the oldest in Rome. The 122.000 students at

Sapienza University can choose from 300 study courses, of which 66 alone are held in English. You can retreat to one of the 48 libraries to study –some are open 24/7. Rome doesn’t offer enough culture for your taste? Then why don’t you visit one of the 20 museums the Sapienza University offers.

How is the double master’s program structured?

After completing the first semester of your HdWM master’s program, you start your double master’s program. The second and third semester are spent at the Sapienza Universitá di Roma. The fourth semester again at HdWM.

In the fourth semester at HdWM, you also write your master’s thesis in English. A copy must be sent to the guest university for grading. In the double master’s program, the thesis is graded collaboratively, while the first reviewer is from HdWM, the second from the Sapienza University.

At the end of your double master’s program, you will receive the degree ‘Master of Arts in Business Management’ of both HdWM and Sapienza University equaling 120 ECTS. The degrees qualify you to participate in a PhD program.

How can I apply for the double master’s program?

The International Office supports you with information and during the application for the double master’s program.

Already when applying for your normal HdWM studies, you register for the double degree. That way, you are enrolled at both universities simultaneously.

The following documents must be handed in for the application:

  • Online application form
  • Detailed CV in English (with photo)
  • Copy of your ID card or passport
  • Bachelor’s certificate and Transcript of Records (in English)
  • C1 proof of language proficiency in English
  • High school diploma with transcript of records in either English or Italian

Please feel free to contact the International Office for more information about deadlines and the application process

Are there any additional costs for the double master’s program?

During participating in the double master’s program, you only pay your regular HdWM tuition fees. The guest university does not demand additional tuition fees. In case of a longer duration of your studies, only tuition fees for HdWM incur.

For the master’s thesis registration and issuing of the diploma, the Sapienza University charges a service fee of 32€.

As the double degree courses are part of the Erasmus+ program, you can request information about funding at the International Office.

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