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Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management the subsidued Management Programme

Central Component of the
HdWM Study Model:
The Partner Companies

The HdWM partner companies are the foundation of our practically oriented study programmes. For the companies, this cooperation offers more than just classical university marketing: The financial support of our students, secures them the supply of specialists and managers. They also have the chance to present themselves as attractive employers on top of their university marketing.

Find the match for your company

As an effective alternative to classical university marketing, our partner companies do not need to decide for a student at an early stage. Instead, you can first get to know qualified students from various study programmes to find the right match for your company.

Ablauf gefördertes Management Studium

During the first three semesters of the bachelor’s studies, companies and students can get to know each other in e.g. first meetings or a practical project paper (case study), which is part of all German track study programmes. After you become acquainted, there is a full practical semester. This can be the basis for a longer collaboration, e.g. as a working student, during the bachelor’s thesis, which is usually written in a company, or a regular employment after graduation.

During the entire process of getting acquainted and then finding your student, you will be guided by our Career Service team, which acts as an interface between students and partner companies. They make sure you find the student that matches your requirements.

Are you looking for a more experienced student? Our master’s students can already draw from broad experience. Their flexible time-table, with only two to two and a half days of lectures per week, allows them to work up to three days in a company. With an eight-week internship in the second semester, they are an ideal choice for higher demands.

Practically Oriented Bachelor’s Degree Programmes at HdWM

Further Education Enhances the Loyalty of Your Employees

As an internationally oriented university with close ties to business, the HdWM portfolio is not just limited to bachelor’s programmes. Several master’s degree programmes and a wide range of further education offers, give you the chance to foster your young professionals beyond the bachelor’s degree programmes and so strengthen their commitment to your business.

Master’s Degree Programmes offer Prospects for Different Management Areas

At HdWM, there are several master’s programmes to chose from to increase the career options in management. From practically oriented full-time masters’ in management to a business psychology master’s degree, there is a programme for all management needs. Individual specialisations make it possible to adjust the studies according to the career aims of each student.


Master of Arts (MA) Business Management (English)

  • International Sales Management
  • HR Management
  • IT Management


Master of Arts (MA) Business Management (German)

  • International Sales Management
  • HR Management
  • IT Management

Master of Science (MSc) Business Psychology - Organisational Psychology

  • Management Consultation and Development
  • Staff and Employment
  • Work, Health and Prevention
  • Marketing and Market Intelligence

The expertise of highly qualified instructors with many years of practical experience as well as the variety of innovative didactic methods ensure a top-notch academic education. Our FIBAA and AHPGS certified degree programmes, the accrediting of our university and our membership in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) give impressive testimony to this.

Wissenschaftsrat Akkreditiert durch FIBAA Mitglied EFQM Akkreditiert durch AHPGS

Your Advantages as a Partner Company of HdWM

  • Minimise your risk of bad hires and get to know your job candidates properly before making a commitment
  • Identify young talents as future specialists and managers in cooperation with our Career Service
  • Expand your classical university marketing and increase your employer branding
  • Minimise your supervision expenditures compared to partnership with a German “dual university”
  • Make efficient and targeted use of your budget for university marketing
  • Use focused degree programmes at bottlenecks in the labour market
  • Earn the loyalty of young professionals beyond the bachelor’s degree programme and offer attractive prospects for further education

Do you want to learn more about the advantages of the subsidised management degree programme or would you like to have more info about a specific degree programme?

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Your contact person Beraterin Mareike Martini
Mareike Martini, PhD Business Cooperations
+49 (0)621 490 890-95

Your contact person Business Cooperations Mareike Martini, PhD
Mareike Martini, PhD Business Cooperations +49 (0)621 490 890-95 mareike.martini@hdwm.org
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