Bachelor (B.A.) Management in International Business in Mannheim

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The programme in brief

DegreeBachelor of Arts
Duration6 semesters with an internship in the 4th semester. This programme can also be studied in part-time
Start of the programWinter- and Summer Semester
Tuition language100% in English, HdWM offers German classes for international students
AccreditationAccreditation Council and FIBAA
Formal entrance requirementsYou must either have the German "Fachhochschulreife" or its equivalent, e.g. qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate or the English "A" levels. As a rule, this requires the successful completion of 12–13 years of school education in your home country. Applicants from some countries also need to have begun or even completed further studies. As the degree is taught in English, you need to have reached level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference) in English.
Tuition fees590 Euros per month

Your advantages at a glance

  • This degree course is 100% in English
  • All of the instructors have business experience
  • Many of the instructors are native-English speakers
  • Integrated company visits
  • Guest speakers from industry and other cultures
  • Overseas study semester encouraged and supported
  • Overseas internships encouraged
  • Option to obtain a second degree in cooperation with the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK), Finland
  • High practical orientation by integrated internship and possibilities to work during the semester or in the semester breaks

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Mehmet Kartal

(Graduate BA Management in International Business)

“Whether in Frankfurt, London, Warsaw or New York, the skills and theories the Management in International Business course provides, are highly relevant for the national and international labour markets. Not only did it help me to compete with other students from around the world, it enabled me to deliver above-expected performance when entering working life.”

Start your international career

Do you want to work overseas or perhaps work for a German company that operates internationally? Would you like to become really fluent in English, maybe because you eventually want to study for a master’s degree that is taught in English?

Our English track Bachelor in Management in International Business will help you realise your dreams, teaching you recognised management techniques as well as essential intercultural skills.

What are the admission requirements?

Apart from an education equaling the German (Fach-)Hochschulreife, you should be interested in learning modern management skills and how to use them in international business. You want to learn more about other cultures and take your English skills to a higher level by studying in English.

Also, you should have good social and communication skills and a sense of responsibility. In addition to these attributes, if you can work in an organised and disciplined manner, even when things get stressful, then you have the makings of a successful international manager, and we should talk!

What can I expect when studying international business?

The bachelor’s degree course Management in International Business will teach you about modern business and management tools and theories – always with a special focus on international markets, companies, and teams. 

Beside the refining of your English skills, you will also get the chance to work on your soft skills by subjects such as presentation skills or public speaking and debating.

Click here to find the module overview.

For more information about the study programme, please take a look at the module handbook and the general examination regulations.

Does the study programme have the option of a 2nd degree?

To make your bachelor’s degree truly international, the BA Management in International Business offers the option to obtain a second degree in Business Administration. In cooperation with the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) in Finland, students can spend two semesters at our partner university and earn the necessary extra credits for the second bachelor’s degree.

How can I gain practical experience during my studies?

All HdWM study programmes are designed to enable graduates settling smoothly in the working world. Therefore, there are fixed practical elements in the curriculum that allow gaining practical experience during your studies. A network of about 60 partner companies* and the support of the HdWM Career Network will get you ready for your dream career.

All lecturers have extensive business experience that they readily share with their students. Company visits and real-life business cases enrich the lectures and give valuable insight into business life.

In the 4th semesters, you will have an 18-week internship that you can either spend in a company in Germany or abroad. This, and the bachelor’s thesis in the 6th semester, will prepare you for entering the workforce. 

Furthermore, you can top off your working experience during your studies by working voluntarily as a working student during the semester or in the semester breaks. 

* Please note that companies in Germany expect high proficiency in German from their applicants (B2 level or higher).


What prospects do I have after graduation?

MIB students will be able to apply for junior management positions in small to mid-sized companies engaged in import/export or FDI activities. The jobs can be in a variety of positions, for example, HR, marketing, accounting, project management, and sales, and especially in jobs for which a good understanding of international and intercultural understandings are essential.

After graduation, you will have all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in a globalised world. Companies desperately need people who understand how international businesses work and who can communicate with people from other cultures – intercultural competences are key factors for working in international businesses. The vast practical experience you gained during your studies, will support you in starting your professional career.

With your BA Management in International Business, you will be well placed to work all over the world.

Past graduates have gone on to:

  • Management Consultancy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • International Purchasing
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Marketing
  • International Liaison positions
  • Export/Import Departments

How can you find your Dream Job? Additional value through the Career Network @ HdWM

What is the Career Network @ HdWM and how does it support you?

Business Contacts @ HdWM

The close cooperation with businesses is a cornerstone of our study model and offers advantages for companies, the university, you as a student and alumni alike: You can already gain valuable practical experience during your studies, HdWM thereby optimises the quality of its studies and companies can attract young talents through HdWM. The HdWM network partners are comprised of multinational corporations and associations as well as start-ups and small or medium-sized enterprises. All of them offer excellent career, networking and advancement opportunities. That's why we at Business Contacts @ HdWM are constantly expanding our network of partner companies to offer a broad range of businesses and enterprises.

With three central services, the Career Network is at the heart of the HdWM study model and builds bridges between students and their career goals, business contacts and alumni:

1. Matching @ HdWM

Matching @ HdWM is the link between business contacts and students. In this function, the requirements of the partner companies are aligned with your wishes, which ideally leads to a "match" or placement. The Career Center @ HdWM offers internships, working student jobs and opportunities for permanent employment after graduation on the one hand, and organises networking events on the other hand, through which HdWM students can find the right business area and the right company for themselves.

2. Coaching @ HdWM

With Coaching @ HdWM we offer you students the possibility for an individual career coaching. If you want to prepare yourself ideally for your career entry alongside your studies, you have the opportunity of support by the coaching team regarding professional orientation, internships, application and career entry.

3. Alumni @ HdWM

Even after your studies, you remain a formative part of HdWM and its culture! Therefore, our concern is not only intensive networking, but we would also like to support all former students beyond their studies in their professional career through specific offers.

Do you have questions? Please feel free to contact your Career Network via the following email address:!

What are the costs of the Management in International Business programme?

Tuition fees

As a private university, HdWM is funded mainly by tuition fees and the contributions of the partner companies. HdWM is a nonprofit organisation, therefore all revenues are used for the development of our university and the constant enhancement of the teaching quality as well as the student services. 

The tuition fees for the bachelor’s Management in International Business are 590 Euros per month. Non-EU students will be required to set up a German bank account and hand in a signed SEPA direct debit mandate for the monthly payment of the tuition fees. You will receive all necessary documents with your study contract.

Other fees

There is a one-time enrolment fee of 390 Euros (590 Euro from summer semester 2022 on) that you pay if you are accepted and choose to join the programme. You also have to pay a so-called Solidarity Contribution of 22.80 Euros per semester.

For further information about our fees, please read our scale of fees.

Living expenses

Living expenses vary from person to person, according to your lifestyle and whether you wish to rent your own flat or share a flat with other students. Health Insurance is compulsory and for students is available from between 30 to 75 Euros per month.

Most students buy a semester ticket from the local public transport company. This costs about 170 Euros per semester, but you then have free travel on all buses, trams and local trains in the region. For books you should reckon with 300 to 400 Euros per semester.


There are several ways how to fund your studies at HdWM. Germans can apply for BAföG and the KfW student loan. Under certain circumstances, these options are also available to non-Germans (please check their websites for further details). HdWM also offers several merit-based scholarship programmes, for which all nationalities can apply.

We’ve summarised the most important financing options for you.

How can I apply?

The HdWM Application Process – We Want to Get to Know You

Studying Management in International Business requires more from an applicant than just the necessary school leaving certificates. It takes special characteristics, such as motivation and personality, to be successful in the field. These and other qualifications are assessed in our application process. Rather than just checking your grades, we want to assess your motivation for choosing the respective degree course. We want to find out how it can support you on your path to your career. The central element is a personal application interview with a professor of the respective degree course. The interview gives us insight, whether the selected study programme matches your personal skills and interests.
Find out more about our Application Process or apply directly via our Online Application Form.
To apply for your studies at HdWM, you can apply up to a year before your start of studies and until shortly before the respective semester starts. We recommend an early application that you can secure a study place in good time.

What are notarized copies?

For the application, notarized documents are not required. Scans of the original documents are sufficient. Please note: Notarizations are necessary for your enrollment. Photocopies of the notarized documents cannot be accepted.

Please note that if a copy contains several pages, each page has to be notarized.

Please ensure that the documents are correctly notarized by a recognized institution:

  • Notarized copies in Germany contain signature of the person who notarized the document, an official seal, and a statement that the certified photocopy is a true copy of the original document. Notarizations by any German public authority (for example notary or local authority) are accepted. Also the German institution that issued the original document (for example the school where you did your Abitur) can notarize the copy of it.
  • If you want to notarize documents outside of Germany, the notarization can be done by a notary, an embassy, or a state or local authority. Documents that have been notarized correctly bear a signature, a seal, and an official stamp. Also the issuing institution of the document can notarize the certificates. Documents that have been notarized by a bank, medical staff, military personell, health insurance provider, or similar cannot be accepted.

Sonia Smolinska

(Graduate BA Management in International Business)

“The thoughtful teachers provided me with the educational background to fulfill my dreams – thanks to HdWM I got my dream job! During my studies, I took part in the Erasmus+ programme at VAMK, Vaasa to get a 2nd degree. I believe that every student should take part in it and use the chance to study in such a beautiful place, gain experience and meet new people.”


Kristina Dimitrova

(Graduate BA Management in International Business)

“HdWM offers not only a high-level business education, but it also gives students the opportunity to travel, learn and experience through their many programs. In Management in International Business, you learn about global business, but it also gives you the chance to explore and be part of the business world even before you graduate. For me, these three years were the first step on my way to a successful business career."

Prof. Dr. Michael Cofrin

(Chair of the Management in International Business programme)

„In the BA Management in International Business, we challenge and prepare you for a master‘s degree or to go directly into the job market anywhere in the world. And we have a bit of fun in the process!“